Our first amazing exhibit, part of our #MustSeeMonday series, is our Prince Monolulu Display located in Gallery 6.

Prince Monolulu, was an early racing celebrity and 20th-century tipster. He claimed to be an Abyssinian prince but whose real name was Peter Mckay, was famous for his multi-coloured jackets.  A typical outfit for him would have been a flamboyant jacket like the one on display, baggy trousers and an ostrich feather headdress, making him quite easy to spot in a crowd at the races. He would make regular appearances at the Derby and his catchphrase ‘I’ve gotta, a horse!’.

prince monolulu

In a previous blog with John Mcririck, John commented, “Prince Monolulu was the most famous tipster of his time, who would be dressed in colourful robes and a feather headdress at all the major race meetings, shouting out that he knew the likely winner of the big race. Horseracing needs characters and he was one of the best but he could have learnt a lot from my fashion sense and style!

The jacket on display in our gallery was originally bought by the National Horseracing Museum in 1994, and is an important artefact in their collection, highlighting the story of early tipsters and the social history of the diverse communities involvement in racing.

Once we re-open, please do come and view our Prince Monolulu display in Gallery 6 to find out more about this fascinating character and see his waistcoat in glorious colour.

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